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Happy Birthday America

Happy Birthday America

The 4th of July is a happy holiday for many in America. It's the day when the entire country celebrates America's birthday and independence.

For many immigrants who come over to the United States and end up becoming citizens, this is the greatest country on earth. America has long been the land of opportunity for immigrants and emigrants alike. They used to say the streets were paved with gold. Today, everyone knows that the streets are not really paved with gold, but for many America remains the dream that for them came true.

The fourth day of July every year is when everyone in America comes together to basically celebrate the country, the people in it, and pay tribute.

You could call it America's birthday-- Happy Birthday America! Everyone celebrates the holiday differently. Some go to the lake and swim around and tan and hang out with relatives, while others have cookouts and grill for friends and family. Some people like to enjoy some cocktails in the sun and a 4th of July party, while others celebrate by creating red, white and blue food and drink creations (and wearing red, white and blue as well). Of course, most people like to end their nights with a rousing round of fireworks if they possibly can.

Immigrants love their country just as much as anyone else. America is still the place that many people dream of going and work very hard to even have the opportunity to move to America and try to make a living! Supporting their family and doing well in America is important to the majority of immigrants who respect the opportunities that they have by getting to come here. As it is becoming increasingly difficult to move to countries with paperwork, fees, tests, and restrictions, the privilege is not taken lightly.

At the end of the day, immigrants are more accepted than ever in America. By now, everyone who is here came from someone who came from somewhere else. It's no longer an us versus them mentality; the United States is still one of the biggest melting pots around. It's that diversity and strength as well as our acceptance of our fellow citizens that makes this country great. So this holiday, make sure that you have your American flag flying and get out there and spend some quality times with friends, family, and everyone else who has gathered together to celebrate the country and the land that they love.

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MagneticOne - an innovative software development company

MagneticOne is an innovative software development company specializing in e-commerce software and web services. MagneticOne software helps online merchants to make more revenue.

MagneticOne was established in 2001 and is currently a privately held company based in Ternopil, Ukraine.
Company provides a number of e-commerce solutions for effective store management, SEO and marketing automation, comparison shopping engines and affiliate networks integrations, email marketing, CRM integration for following e-commerce platforms:

  • • osCommerce
  • • CRE Loaded
  • • X-Cart
  • • Zen-Cart
  • • Pinnacle Cart
  • • Magento
  • • CubeCart
  • • PrestaShop

MagneticOne customers are companies of all sizes ranging from startups to large enterprises who realize that they need a professional e-commerce solution to generate revenue streams, establish communication channels or streamline and automate business operations.
MagneticOne products and documentation are delivered electronically, via the Internet. All products are easy to install and use, thus no special technical skills are necessary. We create online services, store managers and modules
MagneticOne team constatly works on new solutions to improve efficiency of e-commerce business and make it more profitable.

Partners of MagneticOne are well-known companies as PrestaShop,, Amazon Payments, ChronoPay, QA Experts, Atwix, and etc.

Ruslan Savchyshyn – as a founder of MagneticOne, oversees the overall direction of the company and, as the leading product architect, takes an active role in the design and development of the product line.
A self-taught programmer, he started working with IT technologies at the age of ten. Prior to running a business of his own, Ruslan has been working for five years as outsourcing partner of several US enterprises. MagneticOne was established in 2001. Ruslan tries to focus on identifying and developing strategic opportunities that contribute to the company's global competitiveness and ensure its position as a leading e-commerce solutions supplier, next to providing functional leadership to the businesses. MagneticOne now has thousands of customers worldwide.
Ruslan holds master's degree in Computer Science from Institute of Computer and Information Technologies (Ternopil National Economic University) - Ukraine.

Friendly, young and energetic stuff of MagneticOne is always ready satisfy clients demands.

For more information you always can visit the web page of the company:

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Cavitation Technologies, Inc.

CTi is an innovative leader in processing liquids, fluidic mixtures, emulsions and suspended solids. Founded in 2007, the Company has developed an array of advanced hydrodynamic cavitation-based technologies with applications in vegetable oil refining, renewable fuels production, water treatment, petroleum upgrading, alcoholic beverage enhancement, algal oil extraction and other industries. Add a comment

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Newest Formula One racing innovation inspires Ford E-Bike Concept

Magneotostrictive materials are used to mutually and interchangeably convert magnetic and kinetic energy streams into each other kind of energy. This materials are used in Formula One racing solutions, to create the temperature independent and completely maintenance free magnetostriction sensors, which need not to have any physical contact with engine parts or drive-train gears. Boldly applying the Formula One innovative technology to win new market in rapidly growing cyclist world, Ford Motor (F) created an electric bicycle, the "E-Bike". The new concept - the biker dream champ vehicle - is manufactured of aluminum and carbon fiber alloys letting decrease the weight of its composite frame to lightest in its class - just 5 lbs.

The Formula One-like magnetostriction sensor array technology is embedded with the integrated command center controlling electrical drivetrain and a sophisticated battery allowing the E-bike travel more than 50 miles on a single charge. The Ford E-Bike Concept has a balanced design appealing to professional bikers and beginner biking enthusiasts. Small size powerful motor is coupled with the front wheel hub, similar to Lunar or Mars Rover advanced design. The a lithium-ion battery is concealed within the carbon frame. The drive system is hidden inside elegant cover exposing a clean aerodynamic stylish appearance. The newly introduced Carbon Belt Drive System, the CBDS, allows for a clean, light and maintenance free solution, with highly efficient transfer of energy from the pedals and to the hub, compared to the traditional bicycle chain design.

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