Irakli Gagua

American Airlines Continental Airlines - "daughter" of United Continental Holdings - madeits first commercial flight on biofuel. It is reported in a press release of the air holding.

Boeing 737-800 with the emblem of "Eco-Skies" flew out of Houston and landed in Chicago. Aircraft was filled with fuel, which is 40 percent consists of marine algae. Holding United signed an agreement with company Solazyme, which is engaged in the production of biofuels from algae, a contract for annual supply of 7.5 million liters of fuel. The Wall Street Journal points out that Alaska Airlines also announced intention to fill aircraft with fuel, which 20 percent consists of vegetable oil. The publication quoted words of the head of airlines Bill Ayer who complained about the high cost of biofuels. According to him ecological fuel to Alaska Airlines costs in six times more expensive than usual. The first flight on biofuel took place three years ago. February 24, 2008 aircraft of The Virgin Atlantic, on board of which were not passengers flew from London to Amsterdam. The purpose of this flight was to check whether the fuel will freeze, partially consisting of plant mass, at an altitude of more than five thousand feet. On biofuel worked only one of the four engines of the aircraft Virgin Atlantic