Irakli Gagua

In Georgia, was presented a new infantry fighting vehicle "Lasika". The first Georgian infantry fighting vehicle has been tested on Vaziani testing area.

Personally the President of Georgia on the Vaziani testing area attended the presentation of the new Georgian APC (armored personnel carrier) "Lasika". At the test area was a demonstration of the technical and tactical performance of the new machine. Mikheil Saakashvili personally took part in the trials of “Lazika”.

Earlier, the President of Georgia visited the location of the Georgian peace keeping forces in Afghanistan, where he said that soon he will present a fighting machine "Lasika", whose production is carried out in Georgia.

'We released the APC "Didgori", are producing vehicles, other equipment. Practically from scratch in a very short time we have established its production, to help our armed forces by local resources. Of course, we continue to work with our partners to once and for all put an end to the attempts of our enemies to isolate Georgia, including in this area, "- said Saakashvili.

Unlike the Russian and European counterparts, "Lasika" has an armor that can withstand a bullet caliber - 14.5.

The Georgian armored "Lasika" is equipped with a module of remote control weapons and fire control. On it are installed 23-mm cannon and 7.62-B-day and night cameras and thermal imagers provide detection and identification of the target from machine and control of fire in any weather.

The crew consists of three and can carry seven paratroopers.

"This is the second after the "Didgori” military machine. Actually, the content is a completely different purpose, and capacity machine. “Didgori” is a patrol, reconnaissance and light armored. Presented "Lasika "is a heavily armored, very mobile and powerful attacking weapon that in principle is not produce in many states. We quite seriously work on this last two years. Solution to this problem means that in future we will further develop this direction, "- said Department of Defense of Georgia Bacho Akhalaia at the presentation of "Lazika".

According to the Department of Defense of Georgia, during creation of "Lazika", designers used experience in the international defense industry. "Lasika" is the second machine created on the basis of Military Scientific-Technical Center "DELTA". The first Georgian armored "Didgori" was presented to the public on May, 26 on Independence Day parade of Georgia.