Irakli Gagua

Eccentex is the expert in delivering Case Management solutions utilizing AppBase, its powerful Dynamic Case Management (DCM) Platform-as-a-Service application.

AppBase is a scalable, multi-tenant cloud infrastructure for building complex, enterprise-grade Dynamic Case Management applications that deliver ease of use, speed of implementation, security, and performance. Dynamic Case Management solutions allow organizations to increase business agility, improve productivity, optimize case outcomes, and reduce risk.

Eccentex was founded in 2005 (is located in Culver City, CA) with one goal in mind: To allow organizations to leverage the power of the cloud delivery model to rapidly and cost-effectively automate their business processes in order to:

  •  Reduce Risk
  •  Increase Efficiency
  •  Improve Customer Service

The founders of Eccentex were early pioneers in the field of business process automation and electronic document management with over 20 years of experience in implementation of enterprise-grade software solutions to organizations in all major verticals worldwide. Team of Eccentex is a number of proficient specialists, experienced in technology, experienced in the areas of SOA, SaaS, Cloud Computing, global system architecture, product development, project management and software development management as well as experienced in senior sales and marketing management, and technology delivery. The Company is ruled by:
Glen Schrank - Chief Executive Officer
Alex Stein - Chief Product Officer, Founder
Len Tokar - Executive Vice President, Founder
Bix Kroener - Vice President, Sales
Jacob Dreyband - Chief Technology Officer

As for the Technology, the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) or Cloud delivery model has become more than competitive with on-premise applications - it is changing the way companies purchase and deploy software. According to IDC, SaaS growth rate is topping 40%; while Gartner forecasts the world-wide cloud services revenue to reach $150 Billion by 2013.

To meet the surging market demand for the SaaS delivery model, company invested over 4 years in building and perfecting the first true enterprise platform-as-a-service (PaaS) called AppBase. The AppBase platform allows organizations to design, develop and deploy enterprise-class cloud business applications quickly and cost-effectively. Large and small IT departments, independent consultants and third-party developers can now leverage AppBase's scalable infrastructure, flexible and powerful development tools, and easy to use drag-and-drop configuration environment to get the job done quickly and effectively. You can build custom cloud applications by using one of Eccentex's pre-built templates as a starting point, or develop a completely new application from scratch - either way, no coding is required.

As for the expansion of international contacts, in May, 2012 Eccentex Corporation announced about the opening of its office in Moscow, Russia, expanding its global network in Europe. The established entity will operate as Eccentex LLC, and will focus on providing the Russian market with Dynamic Case Management solutions built on its AppBase cloud platform.Andrei Poimanov was named the managing director of Eccentex LLC.

Eccentex believes that there is a better and more efficient way to deliver enterprise-grade solutions to handle mission-critical business processes. They also believe that these software solutions should be delivered without extended implementation time-frames, and receive updates without IT bottlenecks. You can utilize world-class infrastructure without major capital expenditures. By leveraging the power of the cloud, Eccentex delivers SaaS value to organizations across the world with 24/7 uptime.