Irakli Gagua

23.03.2011 In February, 2011, the Plasma Pulse technology (PPT) has been applied in the producing and the injecting fund of wells on oil fields: Lomovoe, Z-Poludenoe, Katelginskoe, Vachskoe.

In one injecting well there was a problem to increase relative capacity of load water in to the layer U- 1 /2 in working interval 2278,8 - 2793,6 not less than 50% from general capacity. In the second injection well there was a problem to achieve relative capacity in to the layer AB (3A+3D) in the working interval 2043,2 - 2044,8 not less then 20% from general capacity.

Tasks in view have been successfully executed that proves to be true results by geophysical research before and after application of the PPT and certificates on delivery of well after processing. In the producing fund of wells there was a problem to EOR not less than by 4 tons/day. In one well, layer U- 1/2+3 after application of the PPT the volume of fluid has increased with 19 to 30 m3/day and oil with 11,9 to 18,8 tone/day.

Thus after established mode, flowing level was on 128 m. above than before processing. The efficiency factor has raised with 0,17 to 0,30. In the second producing well (layer U -1 (0) a mode of operation after application the PPT practically has not changed. A principal cause is an infringement of regulation at the work after preparation of the well and mistake of modeling.