Irakli Gagua

25.05.2011 In March - April, 2011 on deposits of Western Siberia the PPT has been applied on 5 wells fromwhich 3 producing wells are located on difficult collectors U-1 and U-2.

According to the contract of confidentiality the name of deposits and number of wells are not disclosed. As a result of application of the PPT on all wells positive results are received. On producing wells the additional gain of oil has made 6 t/d ; 4 t/d; 3.5 t/d respectively at essential increase of flowing level.

On 2 injecting water wells there was a problem to attach for loading water not working interval U 1 - 2 which according to plan after application of the PPT should accept not less then 10% of loading water. In both cases the problem has been successfully executed that proves to be true geophysical research before and after treatment, and also certificates of the executed works.